Yellow Tie is a small family run web design and hosting business. We have been designing and hosting websites since 1997, be this whilst working for other or as our own business.

Having honed our skills over more than 20 years and with low overheads, we are able to provide professional quality websites and services at affordable prices. The days of having to pay out thousands to get a fabulous website are gone – some of the big boys will still charge this, or the latest fad is to levy a monthly ‘maintenance fee’ for you to keep your website. We have always been proud to provide our customers a quality website at a single, affordable price without ongoing website fees.

All our websites come with a user friendly admin area, where as site owner, you will have full control of the website content – you need no special computer skills, if you can use a keyboard and mouse, then you will be able to run it. Using world renowned platforms, such as WordPress, you are ensured your website will be powered by the latest software with free updates. Easy to use, with lots of online help you will be able to update the content of your website as much (or as little!) as you want. Any part of your website from the text, to the font, to the images to the content can be edited by yourself with a few clicks of the mouse.

To assist keeping prices low, we have designed a number of templates to use – whilst these will be used, each will be individually customised for your website, so it will be unique and have it’s own feel.

If you are looking for an eCommerce store, Blog or automated commission store, then we can supply – please checkout our WEBSITES page for fuller details.

If you have any queries, just use the contact us page to drop us a line