The Yellow Tie team have been designing and installing websites since 1997. With over 20 years experience, we have honed our skills and pride ourselves on providing professional looking, quality websites that are powerful and automated, yet are fully customisable by the website owner with their own user friendly admin area.

QUALITY WEBSITES, AFFORDABLE PRICES – Full websites from under £50!

Yes, you’ve read that right – we can provide with a full, unlimited page website, fully customisable by site owner for under £50!

Just because it’s low price, doesn’t mean we compromise on quality. Don’t be fooled by the ‘big boys’ and large web agencies that try to kid you that you need to pay a small fortune to get a ‘proper’ website. We use the latest and most popular software platforms, e.g WordPress, to build our websites – just as the agencies do. Being a small business ourselves, we provide the personal service and affordable prices we crave ourselves. We operate a no hidden fees pricing policy – the price you see is the price you pay. No ongoing monthly maintenance fees, no hidden charges.

We pride ourselves on the quality website we design and provide. We also believe we offer the most affordable prices available for what we provide.



WIth the ever increasing range of platforms people view websites on, desktop computers, laptops, tablets, iPads, mobile phones then it is essential your website is responsive. This means your website will automatically collaborate itself to fit the medium it’s being viewed on. This doesn’t just mean resize, but actually change the way it appears – so on a mobile, you get a mobile friendly menu to touch. If you want a perfect example, view this website on another media to what you are currently looking at it on and see the difference.

By having a responsive website, you will capture customers and orders not only on their home computer, but from their mobiles and tablets whilst they are on the move! You’re open 24/7 and regardless of where your customer is and how they are looking at website. Examples below shows how same website would look on a computer and mobile phone.





In addition to lower overheads, we also keep our prices to a minimum by specialising the types of websites we provide.

eCommerce websites

An eCommerce website is an online shop. Full automated functioning, order taking, payment processing, client database, newsletters are just some of the features we provide.

You simply fill the online shop with your products and services, price them up, invite the customers in and let the website do the rest.

Our eCommerce websites are powered by the latest, superb software, offering many excellent features for you as the virtual shopkeeper to help you entice sales and repeat orders. Whilst our software may be very powerful, it is incredibly easy to run. You need little or no computer knowledge to be able to stock and maintain your website, make sales and count the profits If you can use a mouse and keyboard, then you’re more than qualified !

For full details, please check out our detailed eCommerce Website page


Automated Commission earning Blog/Shops

Our Automated Commission Blog/Shops are a fantastic, low risk way to start an internet business. Utilising the superb Amazon Affiliate system, you can have a fully customisable website with an added store packed with thousands of wonderful products, each earning you up to 10% commission on every purchase. You need hold NO STOCK and complete NO ORDERS! Simply promote and attract customers to the website, then let it run on autopilot 24/7 – doesn’t mind what time of day an order is made or from which corner of the world it comes from, the website processes the order and Amazon completes the order – then pays you commission!

You can promote ANY product that is on Amazon (there are MILLIONS to choose from), theme to any particular market and earn commission from every single product sold!

These websites can also have unlimited information pages, blog posts and forums to make them a wonderful portal for the particular themed market – engage customers, bring them to website and let it sell to them.

You can also utilise Google Adsense and other Affiliate Providers and earn further commission from customer clicking on banners for other well known companies and brands.

We set everything up for you – so you are ready to go. No specialist computer skills required, you run everything from user friendly admin area and control everything with a few clicks of a mouse!

For full details, please check out our detailed Automated Commission Stores page


Ready to Go Businesses

We also have a selection of eCommerce sites (with stock) and themed Automated Commission Shops with PREMIUM DOMAIN NAMES that are already build and ready to go available for sale.

For full details of business ready to go, along with link to the live website, please check out our detailed Ready to Go Business page


WordPress Blogs / Information Websites

If you want a website, be this personal or business, to offer information to the world but don’t need an actual shop, then one of our WordPress sites is ideal. Providing you with the platform to have a professional looking website with unlimited pages that you can update quickly and easily from the admin area.

The uses for these websites are endless – you could be a B&B or Hotel wishing to display details of your establishment, cost of rooms. You could be a service based business and want a few pages to detail your services and prices. You could be a photographer and wish to display portfolio and service prices. You could be an online mentor providing self help information. You might just want to blog about daily life or holidays. Some of the richest internet phenomenon have started out as bloggers! The list goes on and on. You might have the message to get out, but don’t have the platform to do it – we’ll sort that for you!

We can have you up and running very quickly, allowing you to get your information of what you offer out to the world

For full details of WordPress websites we can build for you, please check out our details WordPress Blog/Info Sites page,



All our websites come with:

  • FREE domain name of your choice (subject to availability) registered in your name
  • FREE web hosting (1st month free, then discounted rates available or free transfer to another provider)
  • FREE SSL Security Certificate installed
  • FREE Logo (or free installation of any existing logo you have)
  • FREE Social Media Sharing Tool (allowing quick and easy sharing link to your website/services on social media)
  • FREE handover guide
  • FREE marketing tools and advice
  • FREE software upgrades
  • FREE Back Up Wizard
  • FREE 1-click software installations
  • FREE SEO Services