Your website is potentially valuable internet real estate and therefore space on it can be a valuable commodity for you and you can earn BIG MONEY from selling advertising space.

In addition to earning commission through the Amazon Affiliate products in your store, there are various other affiliate programme providers who pay up to £150 / 25% commission per sale !

These cover a whole host of different markets – these can be insurance policies, event tickets, days out, retro sports shirts, theatre/meal packages, pet food, adrenaline experiences and loads, loads more.

We have add a couple of example banners to our Site Info page – check them out to see how they appear.

With Affiliate Accounts you can select banners that are appropriate to your website and compliment the content. Then, the service or product in banner may well appeal to people drawn to your website. If they then click on the banner and buy/sign up for whatever is offered, then you will earn a commission.

By signing up to such providers, you have access to thousands of advertising banners that can be inserted into your website. If a customer clicks on any banner, they are taken to the service provider to complete transaction and you receive the commission!

It’s win/win for both you and company.

  • Win for the company as they get you to advertise for them, introduce customers to them and they only have to pay you for the advertising once they have a confirmed sale.
  • Win for you, as you get free access to major companies and offer their products. Add banners for free and earn money from sales yet play no part in completing order. You are effectively selling advertising space on your website.

Adding such affiliate based banners, links and text to your websites allow you to have recognisable brands and associations to add to the credibility of your website. Not only this, but clients are quicker to buy/click with
a brand name they now. They offer you an easy and efficient way of earning a good income stream for very little work.

Virtually every website you look at these days, from the smallest business, to the household names have such banner adverts dotted around their site. They are there to earn money for the website owner by offering products/services to their customers.

The first account with HIGHLY RECOMMEND you open is an Affiliate Window Account.

Do this by clicking on banner below:

Once there, please click on ‘Become a Publisher’, then click on ‘Join Now’

Sign up is completely free and only takes a minute or two, but gives you access to a huge directory of advertisers that will pay you for displaying adverts for them.

The next one we HIGHLY RECOMMEND is to open a Webgains,

by clicking on following banner:

Once there, click on “Sign Up” to open your account.

The final one we HIGHLY RECOMMEND is to open a Tradedouber Account,

by clicking on following banner:

There are various other affiliate lead companies out there, you can search for them on Google, but Affiliate Window, Webgains and Tradedoubler are the one we’ve found most efficient, in having varied and new advertisers, commission rates and speed of paying out.